Playone is a complex system of shapes and sizes, colors and surfaces produced by Gigacer in fine porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 4.8 mm.

Playone is an invitation to design, to juxtaposethe prominent 120×120 slabs with smaller and unconventional sizes such as 9×9, octagonal, diamond, rounded or square mosaics, rectangular, liners.

Thanks to this structured system, it is easy to recreate the beauty and impact of the geometric floors found in historic buildings through the combination of the diamond shaped tiles in multiple colors. Moreover the variety of sizes and shapes available allow to create a variety of geometrical effects and borders, for floor and wall coverings with a classical connotation.

Gigacer’s innovative technology and production are at the service of any interior design project as demonstrated by this unique and relevant ceramic system.

Playone’s modern materials reappropriate the role of structural and decorative ceramics in architecture through the compositions of thirty rooms created by interior decorators and designers. For Gigacer, modernity means quality, sustainability and durability.

Its reduced thickness, lightweight design, ease of transport and installation, durability and quality make Playone the perfect material for renovations as well.





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