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We are a commercial inter-mediation company in the tile and ceramic sector. We have realization with the English language market, United States of America, Great Britain, Canada.

Introduction in the market

Our commercial network is extensive and consolidated after years of hard and good work. Gaining market share within the principal tile distributors.
Our mission is to make our clients have a solid and stable market where they can market their tiles.

Our experience

After many years in the world of the distribution and sale of ceramic tiles, our best asset is the knowledge of the market, the contacts between the distributors and the great experience got by the passage of time.

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Our geographic scope of action ranges from the United States of America to Great Britain, including several large clients in other areas.
Our mission is to strengthen your sales network with our final customers by increasing the sale of their products in the tile and ceramic sector.

 Our Story

Our Story

All started when years ago we decided to create a sales inter-mediation agency dedicated to the tile and ceramic sector. After our journey as sales director in large companies in the sector and seeing the changing economic model of the market, we started this adventure, developing with the time of our time an important portfolio of tile and ceramic clients.

Our Team

Our team is formed by
John Paul Woods
John Paul Woods
Founder & CEO

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